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One day, sitting in a church, thinking about what kind of movie to produce next, a testimony from a Celebrate Recovery participant was seen. From there Home Run The Movie was born.

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Carol Matthews was so impressed with what this participant was saying about Celebrate Recovery she wanted more information. She visited and fell in love with the program. Having seen the impact this ministry was having on thousands of lives, she decided to incorporate it as the chosen recovery program for a new movie about a pro baseball player with a substance abuse problem who is forced into rehab in his hometown to face the pain he tried to ignore, the girl he wanted to forget, and the son he never knew but finds new hope when he gets honest about his past and takes on duties for a misfit Little League team.


What Carol didn't know was how God was going to move. She contacted John Baker, the founder of Celebrate Recovery, who met with her about the movie idea. As the script was written, CR went from being a part of the movie to dominating the manuscript. 


The script received high reviews and caught the attention of other big name people in the movie industry. Impact Productions is producing the movie. David Boyd (Director of Friday Night Lights) has agreed to be the director. Sony Pictures (distributor of Soul Surfer) asked to be a distributor for Home Run The Movie.


God’s hand has been all over the preparation and creation of this movie. It is expected to hit theaters in April 2013. 


You can play an important part in the successful release of this inspirational family film. Join us as we commit to selling 1,000 tickets opening weekend at the Tinseltown movie theater. 

Do you know someone who is struggling with a life-long habit they just can’t seem to overcome?

Do you have a neighbor or co-worker who is fighting guilt and shame because of choices they made?

Do you care about someone who needs to change, but they don’t  believe they can?


What if you prayed for that person for an entire year—what do you think would happen?


Join the Grand Slam Prayer Campaign. Think of three people who need to hear the message of Home Run: Freedom is possible! Pray for them, daily, for the next year. When the movie releases, invite them to go, then see what God does! If you and all three of your friends make it to the film, you’ve hit a GRAND SLAM!

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